Our main security services help your organization to identify security breaches and trace the best route enhance or develop a strong security model.

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Provides a comprehensive approach to managing risks, protecting cardholder information, strengthening cybersecurity, and ensuring compliance with internationally recognized standards.

Implementation of ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, PCI PIN Security, ISO 31000, NIST standards

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We are experts in security assessments that cover all key aspects of your organization. Our highly trained team will conduct a thorough analysis of your systems, networks, and processes to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks.

Security Assessments

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Our team of experts will conduct a detailed analysis to identify possible security gaps and provide you with solid recommendations to strengthen your defenses.

Security Audits

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With our security-focused approach, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected at every stage.

Evaluation and desing of secure processes

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Our highly trained team will be by your side, providing specialized advice and implementing effective strategies to contain, investigate, and mitigate security incidents.

Incident response

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Proactively manage vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, systems, and applications by conducting comprehensive analyses, risk assessments, and penetration testing to identify potential weak points.

Vulnerability management

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We have advanced solutions to ensure that your applications are designed and built to the highest security standards.

Secure app development methodologies

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Our security experts will share knowledge, best practices, and practical advice to help your team recognize and prevent potential risks.

Security workshops and talks

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Our expert team will work with you to develop customized plans, implement data backup and restoration measures, and ensure fast and efficient recovery.

Disaster recover

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Our highly trained CISOs will provide you with customized strategies, oversee the implementation of security measures, and manage incident responses, ensuring the integrity of your data and the peace of mind for your business.

CISO as a Service


Our wide security catalog gives our customers a different experience. Through the analysis and understanding of each business model and security processes

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We create a comprehensive framework of protection to ensure the security of your organization's systems and networks.

Design and implementation of security architectures

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Ensure the robustness and reliability of your applications with our security evaluation, providing protection and peace of mind in every line of code.

App security evaluation

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Discover hidden vulnerabilities and strengthen your security with Intrusion Testing, offering an infallible defense for your system.

Intrusion testing

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Close security gaps and protect your assets with Breach Remediation, providing effective and rapid solutions to keep your data safe.

Security breach remediation

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Be impenetrable against phishing attacks with Phishing Testing, identifying and reinforcing your defenses against cyber deception.

Phishing Test

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Ensure the quality and security of your code with our source code analysis, discovering and addressing potential vulnerabilities.

Source code scanning

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Uncover hidden digital answers with forensic analysis, the key to revealing the truth in any digital situation.

Forensic analysis

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Keep your security threat-proof with security reinforcement, providing solid and reliable protection for your data and systems.

Security Hardening

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Protect your assets and detect any alterations with our security monitoring and file integrity monitoring, the key to an impenetrable defense.

Monitoring of security and file integrity monitor

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Secure your cybersecurity team with our Cybersecurity Staffing service, providing expert talent to protect your digital assets.

Cybersecurity Staffing